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Who We Serve

Our ideal client is generally a "Baby Boomer" or "Gen-xer" with a dynamic life and wealth situation. Generally, they have early affluence through investments, a business transaction, inheritance, or a significant salary. In addition, people facing sudden affluence, significant life or financial transitions may also be extremely suited to benefit from our approach.


Affluent families who have accumulated their wealth and want to preserve their way of life come to Darold Mark to build custom financial plans that that aim to preserve their assets and prepare them for different life stages.


Individuals who suddenly find affluence early in life face unique emotional and complex issues that require a more holistic financial approach. We are able to work at your pace and will provide a structured, meaningful plan aimed at helping you remain on track in preserving your wealth.

Life transitions often produces challenges to financial planning needs. Women, in general, have a longer life span and greater healthcare expenses. We are also positioned to identify and provide financial plans and strategies that are highly customized to the special needs of women.

Business and Organizations

Businesses, corporations and institutions have unique needs for their employees and their portfolios. We offer a range of strategies to make your total compensation offerings more attractive to retain your star employees. In addition, Darold Mark’s experience in institutional consulting and financial advising can provide you with capable professionals on your team of professional partners.

Characteristics of Successful Clients

Through our years of service in the industry, we have identified key commonalities with our more successful clients. Our most successful clients have the following characteristics:

  • Ready to commit to a long-term relationship
  • Experiencing a dynamic life or wealth transition
  • Able to be responsive and open to our advice

If you are ready to have someone who understands your unique needs and help devise a plan to get there, contact us today.